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Have YOU  subscribed to 
"Have A GREAT  Day"?
Not heard of it?  Have A GREAT Day is a daily (M-F) ezine, usually pretty short, with a quote or motivational piece with self evaluating questions.  It is my intent with this ezine to give folks a daily positive message!  You will find the FREE cards here!

Need something motivating or      educational to read, this would  be the link YOU are looking for.  Want to send someone a motivational FREE cardThat's here!  You will find the link to sign up for some ezines (online newsletters) I would like to suggest to YOU!  You will find  not only articles and book reviews, but occasionally something just for fun, or interesting!

If YOU came looking for an opportunity to earn some extra money, this is the section for YOU.    At this link you will find an evaluation formula to use on any opportunity you look at.  From there you can look at the opportunities I am working that are working for me!

You will find the advertising, site submission, and other business building related items linked here under Promotions.  You will not believe the free ads you can post!!

Here you will find Affiliates I am currently involved in.  I can say I have had no complaints against any of these so far.  When I have a problem or see someone else with a problem with something, I will take it off my page until I investigate!

Want to go shopping and spend some of your money?  What fun is it to make money, except to spend it?  You will find a location to buy all natural herbs and vitamins.  How about web space and a host?  All I might add, at a fair price.  I will be adding new items here periodically!

If YOU Are Looking For A New FREE E-mail Account, set up or check your email YOU Are At the Right Place!

Want to play a game of Golf?

Want to get to know something about who I am, my family and our interests?  I
have a couple of shots of our newest
grandson up currently!

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